Lender And Technology!

One of the first security companies in Texas to embrace M.I.T.C. time-keeping, Lender employees clock in and out over the telephone- based, robotic voice-enhanced, M.I.T.C. system, that not only ensures punctuality, but alerts Management to late or no-shows for timely intervention and correction. Payroll is a feature of this system and allows extremely precise billing for time worked.

A growing number of clients request the installation and use of a proximity-based foot patrol check system. The 'DigiPoint' and 'ProxiPoint' systems are comprised of permantly placed coin-like devices descreetly placed on the Client's property, and a wand-like device carried by the Officer is passed near it and a record of the date and time. These records are downloaded by our management team and sent to the client each week.

On larger job sites we often utilize M.U.R.S. based intruder detection system that notifies the officer by radio of motion in the area, so he can, in effect, be in several places at once.

Electronic copies (pdf format) are available on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis of Daily Officer Reports and Incident Reports. These electronic copied reports can be emailed to clients or provided on a CD mailed through the U.S. Postal Service. Electronic copies of these files reduce client filing space, and allow rapid return of reports.